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Copper Repipe Specialists

Welcome to Southern California’s the most courteous copper repiping specialists. John Nelson Plumbing has been in business since 1986 serving residential and commercial properties all over the southland. Since then over 7,000 satisfied clients have used our copper repiping plumbing service! No project is too small or too big for us. We are the copper re-piping specialists with full service and repair capabilities. We specialize in One Day Copper Repiping!

We use only our own highly skilled plumbers and our project manager can provide extensive knowledge of each and every project being performed. Customer service and satisfaction is #1 priority and is never overlooked.

John Nelson Plumbing has been your trusted plumber for over 25 years because we give:

  • Prompt, Professional Reliable Service
  • Upfront Pricing
  • No Overtime Charges
  • All Work 100% Guaranteed
  • Locally Owned and Operated
  • Full Service Plumber
  • We want to be your plumbers for life!

What is copper Repiping?

Copper repiping service is a process of refitting the existing plumbing or pipes in a home or a business. Many older structures were fitted with galvanized pipes as standard building practice. As the galvanized pipes age, the zinc lining they have tends to erode allowing rust to form leading to ‘rusty’ or ‘brown’ colored water and low water pressure coming from the faucets. Once galvanized pipes begin to deteriorate, they need to be replaced. The most preferable method of repair is to replace galvanized pipes with copper pipes, or copper repiping.

Homeowners, you may need copper repiping if…

  • You begin to see a dramatic drop in water pressure.

Decreased water pressure is often very annoying; washing machines fill up more slowly, and garden hoses have a much weaker spray. Perhaps the most evident result of low water pressure is in the shower - instead of a forceful stream, the bather only experiences a dissatisfying trickle of water. Other ways you know it is time for copper repiping is when the..

  • tap water appears discolored due to rust
  • or when a foul odor comes from the tap
  • or when pipes begin to leak. (Plumbers can come into the home and test to see if the problems are being caused by eroding pipes, and make recommendations whether it is time for copper repiping.)

Copper is the preferred material for interior pipes because it is:

  • lightweight
  • safe and durable
  • does not rust (who likes rusty water - yuk)
  • Our grade of copper we use comes with a 50 year warranty! The best warranty available!
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